A downloadable game for Windows

Team Members: Andrew Xie, Ulises Perez, Tori Serranl, Thanawat Mynaf, Jason Shuieh

Controls: Up and Down Arrow for Vertical Movement, Left and Right Arrow for Deceleration/Acceleration and Shaking off bacteria

How to Play: Accrue points by avoiding viruses, as they infect you as they stay in contact with you. Once the red blood cell is fully infected, avoid coming in contact with white blood cells as it is an instadeath. Kill red blood cells in infected mode by touching them to gain additional points.

Description: You are a red blood cell, trying to escape the infected tissue with THIS, a disease which is becoming a pandemic illness. Your job is to survive as long as possible before becoming fully infected. Your path will be blocked by other red blood cells, white blood cells, and viruses which seek to infect you. Once you're fully infected, you are to infect and destroy other red blood cells and dodge the white blood cells in order to survive as long as possible as the best red blood cell.


Slowed Breathing Sound by Kibblesbob (Public Domain)


Hearbeat[sic] 2 by Mike Koenig (Attribution 3.0)


Organ Sound by intermedia Design Graphics (Freeware)


Published Oct 17, 2016


THIS.zip 12 MB

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